Weishaupt Parnter Portal FAQ

1. General

1.1 How do I get access to the Weishaupt Partner Portal?
In order to use our partner portal, you must have been granted access by your local Branch Office. Once you have been granted access, you can log in using your email address. As you will not be provided with a password, you will need to generate one by requesting an email with activation link via the „Forgotten password' option when first visiting the Portal.

1.2 How do I log in to the new Partner Portal?
Unlike before, you do not log into our new Partner Portal with your customer number, but with the email address you provided to us.

1.3 My password is no longer working/I forgot the password
Press the „Forgot password' button on the login page and enter your email address, which you use to log in regularly. You will receive an activation link via email, which you can use to reset the password. This link is active for 30 minutes. If it expires before you have been able to assign Your password, you can simply repeat the process and use the link from the new email.

1.4 Why do I need to reconfirm the Terms of Use?
On your first visit to our new Partner Portal, you will be asked to accept the Terms of Use. This is a prerequisite for the use of the Weishaupt Partner Portal. You may be prompted to accept the Terms of Use again at later date if these have been changed, you have a new email address, or your account has been reset.

1.5 How can I reduce the font size?
You can reduce the size of the display in your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.) using the settings in the „Zoom' section. This function is located in the top right corner of most browsers; you may need to reset the display when leaving our Portal in order to use other pages conveniently.

2. My account

2.1 Where can I find my user data?
Your user data are transferred from our central customer database and will be displayed in all appropriate places. You will not be able to make changes to this data in the Partner Portal. If you need to make changes, please contact your local branch office.

3. Products

3.1 How can I search for a specific product?
You can navigate to the appropriate category via the navigation bar and refine your results using the filters on the left. Or you can use the search function on the top left to access a results list. This list can also be refined using the filters.

3.2 What does relevance mean when sorting?
The display of the products is always arranged alphabetically. However, the search results pages are different. Here, the relevance of the search terms is the deciding factor; that means, the products which match the search word entered most closely, are listed first.

3.3 Where can I find the ErP label and data sheet for a product?
You can use the icons below the price to generate the ErP label and a data sheet on the product detail page. This process may take some time.

3.4 How can I enlarge product images?
Choose the image you would like to see enlarged, so that it appears as a larger image on the left. Clicking on the small, grey arrows at the top right opens an enlarged representation as a Pop-Up. To enlarge only a section, you can also click on the image and keep the mouse button pressed. By moving the mouse pointer you can then move the section in the image frame.

3.5 Where can I find suitable accessories for a product?
At the bottom of the product detail page of the respective product you will find a tab titled „Accessories“. Here you will find suitable accessories for this product, sorted by category.

3.6 How do I find packages?
You can use the filters to display only packages in the corresponding category or enter the search term in the search bar and, if necessary, refine the filters on the left. In addition, the product itself indicates if it is contained in packages.

3.7 Where can I see what is included in a package?
If you go to the product detail page of a package, you will see a tab called "Package Compilation'at the bottom detailing all the products in the package.