Data Protection Statement of Max Weishaupt GmbH

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our company and our products. Protecting your privacy when using our website is important to us. Please read the information below.

1 The data we use, how long for and for what purpose

1.1 Informative use of the website

Extent of data processing.
For the purely informative use of our website, i.e. if you do not otherwise provide us with information but merely retrieve and read content, we collect only the personal data that are transmitted to our server by your browser. When visiting our website this includes the following data: IP address, date and time of the request, time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), contents of the web page (specific search), access status/HTTP status code, amount of data transmitted, website from which the request is received, browser, operating system and its interface, language, and version of browser software.

Purpose and legal basis.
The purpose of this data processing is to make the retrieval of the website technically possible and to ensure reliability and security. The legal basis for data processing is the protection of our legitimate interests. For the purposes just mentioned, our legitimate interest also lies in data processing.

Duration of data storage.
The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose of the enquiry. If the data are used to access the website, they will be deleted when the respective session is ended. IP addresses are stored for seven days to track abuse.

1.2 Downloading material (manuals, sales brochures, etc.)

If you wish to download manuals, sales brochures or other content from our site, Section 1.1 shall apply accordingly.

1.3 Contacting us / ordering informational material

Extent of data processing.
Our website offers forms which can be used to contact us electronically to order informational material or to request a free consultation. The data entered into an online form will be transmitted to us and processed. These data include: company, salutation, first name, surname, building number, street, town, postcode, email address, telephone area code and number, information about the heating technology in which you are interested, and any information entered in a comment box. If you request a consultation, the serial number of your Weishaupt equipment and a subject matter will be requested. The following information will have to be entered into the form: first name, surname, street, town, postcode, and email address. If the enquiry is sent via the contact form, any additional data will be used in accordance with Section 1.1. You can, of course, also communicate with us via the email address provided, in which case personal data provided in the email will be used. Only designated employees within the Weishaupt Group and its representatives (appointed dealers) have access to your data.

Purpose and legal basis.
The data will be used solely to enable us to process your enquiry within the Weishaupt Group and through its representatives (appointed dealers). Your consent is the legal basis for processing the data. The data transmitted to us will be processed on the basis of our legitimate interest. In this case, our legitimate interest lies in data processing.

Duration of data storage.
The data referred to in this subsection will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose of the enquiry. This is the case when the respective process has been completed. The process is complete when your enquiry has been dealt with, for example, when your questions have been answered.

1.4 Cookies

Extent of data processing.
Our website uses cookies. Cookies are text files which are stored on your computer by your browser. Cookies contain strings which facilitate the unique identification of your browser when you revisit the site. We also use cookies to make our website more user-friendly. Some elements of our website require that the browser requesting access can also be identified after a page change. The following data are stored and transmitted in the cookies: language settings and log-in information. We also use cookies on our website that allow us to analyse your use of our site. These enable the following data to be transmitted: search terms entered, frequency of page views, use of website functions. The user is informed about the use of cookies for analytical purposes when accessing our website, and the user’s consent to the processing of personal data used in this context is obtained. In this context, there is also a reference to this data protection policy.

Purpose and legal basis.
We use cookies to simplify the use of our website. Cookies are also used for analytical purposes, in particular to improve the quality of our website and to identify interesting topics. The setting of cookies is based on your consent, or – for technically required cookies – on the basis of our legitimate interest. The purpose described here includes our legitimate interest.

Duration of data storage.
Cookies are stored on your computer. The duration of storage can be identified in the overview for cookie settings of your browser. You can prevent or restrict the transfer of cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Cookies that have already been saved can be deleted at any time. This can also be done automatically, e.g. when you close your browser. If cookies on our website are disabled, it may not be possible to use all the functions of the website to the full.

1.5 Matomo (formerly PIWIK) and Dynatrace

Extent of data processing.
To analyse user behaviour on our site (e.g. pages visited, order, length of stay, etc.), we use the open source software tool Matomo (formerly PIWIK) and the web monitoring solution from Dynatrace on our websites. The software will set cookies on your computer (see also subsection 1.4). If you then call up individual pages in our website, the following data will be processed: two octets of the IP address of the user's calling system, the website accessed, the website from which you accessed the website accessed („Referrer“), the subpages that are accessed from the web page accessed, the length of time on the web page and the frequency of access to the web page. Our software is configured to remove two octets of your IP address (for example In Dynatrace, the user account is also logged after successful login.Matomo and Dynatrace run on the servers of our website, therefore data is only stored in this location. If you have selected the appropriate preferences in your browser („Do not Track Modus“), Matomo and Dynatrace will disable tracking for your browser.

Purpose and legal basis.
The purpose of processing the above data is to analyse the usage patterns and habits of our users so that we can further develop the site and increase its appeal, in particular the discoverability of interesting content, and its user-friendliness. Dynatrace is also used to analyse site usage error situations. For these purposes, our legitimate interest lies in the processing of the data.

Duration of data storage.
The data referred to in this subsection will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose of their collection. This will happen after no more than 30 days.

1.6 Partner Portal and Online Shop / Login

Extent of data processing.
On our website, we offer registered partners the opportunity to log in using a username and password. In the members area, you have certain advanced information at your disposal. For this purpose, our employees will provide you with an identification. The following data is collected as part of the registration process: name, first name, address, ID, password. Your data will not be passed on to third parties.

Purpose and legal basis.
The data will be collected for the purpose of enabling you to register for the non-public area and also to avoid re-entering your login details the next time you visit the site. We store this data on the basis of the contract with you, which is created by the registration.

Duration of data storage.
The data mentioned here will be stored until you revoke your registration with us.

2 Data subject rights

Your rights as a data subject are comprehensively guaranteed by us. The following is a brief explanation of these rights:

2.1 Advertising objection

You may object to the future use of your data for promotional purposes at any time.

2.2 Withdrawal of consent

EineYou may withdraw your consent to the future use of personal data at any time.

2.3 Other rights

WeIf we process personal data about you, legal provisions regarding your personal data give you the right

• to access the data, to correct or erase the data, as well as to limit the use of the data, to oppose the use of the data, and to restrict data transfer.

You also have the right to complain to a Data Protection Supervisory Authority about our processing of your personal data, for example the supervisory authority responsible for us, Country Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Baden-Württemberg.

3 Security

We offer you the option to encrypt the personal information you send to us. This encryption protects the confidentiality of the data exchange between you and our webserver and helps to prevent the misuse of data, e. g. through interception. We use TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is a recognised and widely used method.

4 Contact

The responsible party for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is:

Max Weishaupt GmbH
Max-Weishaupt-Straße 14
88477 Schwendi
Telephone: +49 7353 83-0

If you have specific questions about data protection, please address them to our data protection officer Herr Markus Hecker by emailing:

We will process your enquiry immediately and inform you about the action we have taken.